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Frequently Asked Paving Questions

Q: How much will it cost me to pave my driveway?

The price of paving a driveway is determined by the square footage of the area and the condition of the sub-base.  Our representative can provide you with an exact estimate when they come to see you.

Q: Does my driveway need to be completely removed or can it be resurfaced?

The type of paving required is determined by the condition of the existing surface and foundations of the pavement area.  If there are visible cracks, depressions, heaving and or foundation issues with the pavement area, then it is strongly recommended that the entire area be replaced.  Resurfacing your existing pavement is determined by the sub-base.  If it is in fair condition and there are no visible cracks or depressions then resurfacing is all that is usually required.

Q: What type of base do you provide and type of gravel do you use? How many inches of asphalt do you lay?

Your driveway is made up of three layers of material.  The bottom base which consists of 6 inches of 3” crusher run, the middle layer is comprised of 4 inches of ¾” crusher run and finally is topped with 2.5” of compacted hot mix asphalt.

Q: How long after my project is paved can I expect to use it? And how long does it take for asphalt to cure properly?

Upon completion of the asphalt paving, it is recommended no traffic or parking be allowed on the new asphalt for a minimum of 72 hours.  This time may be increased up to 5 days based on the ambient temperature and humidity.  It is recommended to avoid placing any sharp objects such as ladders, chairs, bikes, etc. directly on the asphalt surface for the first few weeks especially during the hot weather conditions.  Keep in mind that you should not park your vehicle in the same spot within the first month to avoid tire depressions on the new pavement.  Also, use particular caution not to turn your wheels in a stationary position to avoid tire marks from occurring.

Q: Do you provide a warranty on your driveway paving?

Because we are confident in the quality of our work and materials, your new driveway comes with a one-year warranty.

Q: How long should I expect my driveway to last?

A newly paved driveway should last 15-20 years but there are a lot of variables that could affect this timeline including design base, usage and the severity of our Canadian weather conditions.  If a proper aggregate base is installed according to the design purpose and the design traffic loading does not change, 15-20 years is typical.  For example, if the driveway was designed for light trucks and cars but in a few years, heavy trucks and trailers are utilizing the driveway, the design life of the driveway will be shortened.

Q: Do you recommend sealing my driveway? If so, do you provide that service?

Sealing is purely a personal choice for aesthetic reasons.  The elements will wear and age the asphalt over time causing the asphalt to fade to a grey colour.  This is the normal aging process.  If you decide to have your driveway sealed, it should be applied a minimum of 36 months after the asphalt is placed to allow it to cure.  The sealant will provide some protection against oil and some fluid spills but it is more of a cosmetic maintenance.  It is also recommended that if you choose to seal your driveway, it should be done every 2-4 years after the first application.  If sealant is applied every year, it will tend to build up layers and will split and peel resulting in an unpleasant look.  Always let the sealant wear and fade before applying more.  It is important to note that if your driveway needs to be resurfaced in the future, it will be more difficult for new asphalt to adhere to your driveway if there is sealant present.  We do not provide sealing or sealer materials.