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Crushing Aggregates

S.W. Weeks Construction is committed to producing the best and most consistent products according to precise material and grade requirements. Our team of professionals perform this work according to the highest standards, ensuring optimal efficiency and safety. Our modern equipment and rigorous maintenance program allows the company to increase production while reducing unscheduled down time. 

The company’s three mobile crushing plants are utilized not only to maintain inventories in company-owned and operated quarries but also to provide custom crushing to other contractors.  Unique in size and design, the crusher setups process various types of feed material and produce a wide range of aggregates including sand and stone for hot asphalt mix, concrete mix as well as gravels of all sizes and specifications.  The company also has several portable screen plants capable of screening materials such as topsoil, natural sands and stones.  Quality control tests are continuously carried out on site by trained personnel to ensure each product being produced meets relevant specifications.